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How to Write a Press Release for Your Small Business

How often do you take advantage of Press Releases as a PR Marketing Strategy?  Many small business owners overlook the power of the press release.  When you write a great release announcing a new service , products or a new direction  and if positioned properly, chances are good that a reporter will pick it up and run a story on you.

Did you know that the media finds a large percentage of their story ideas
on the Internet ?   Writing a good press release will answer the  4 W’s , Who, What, Where, When , and Why in the content of  the press. Have a strong headline that will grab the attention of the journalist. It is important to have your keywords in the headline. Don’t write the press release trying to sell your products or services. Your goal is to educate the journalist because they tune into one station which is What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) and their target audience/readers.

So, next time you release something newsworthy, submit it to
online Press Release databases like these ones:




Writing a press release will help increase your link popularity and when
you submit to Frëe Press Release Center they allow you to provide some keywords for your press release.  With increase link popularity this will drive more traffic to your website and increase your page ranking. From a web strategy point of view consider upgrading your account with Free Press Release Center because your press release remain in their system forever.

When you write your press release it is very important optimize it for the keywords
that are important for your website, services, products , books etc.  This will translate into more traffic because when someone searches for information your website will be found and seen relevant by the search engines. Visit website www.goodkeywords.com which is a free service that will help you search for keywords and phrases related to your particular industry.

Embrace the power of  writing Press Releases as PR Marketing Strategy for your small business.

Robert Moment is small business coach and author that specialize in teaching entrepreneurs how to start successful and profitable small businesses. Visit http://www.howtostartyoursmallbusiness.com and take the FREE 7 day e-course titled, “Turn Passion into Profit: Small Business Startup”.

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