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How To Write Fresh And Creative Posts

Personality in blogging is everything.

* If you’re writing about a subject in a straight and dry manner, you’ll come across as sterile.

* Create a personality for youself, be quirky, humorous and creative, don’t be a clone of someone else and do not be afraid of showing personality. We all have it, deep down, so use it.

Practice professionalism in your posting.

* Avoid cliche that will make your readers cringe, and avoid writing in a mundane style. Everyone does that.

* Try off the wall concepts, such as writing a blog in the style of Mark Twain, about something that he wouldn’t have known anything about. You’re trying to stand out above the herd, if you aren’t successful, you will just be part of the herd writing like the rest of the herd. Writing in an odd style is a gamble, but the odds can be good, and make you larger than life.

* Finally, reread your writing multiple times before posting, and don’t be afraid of revision. Upon completion don’t post it immediately, walk away, come back and hour or so later when you’re fresh and then take a look at it. Chances are, you’ll see something that you want to revise that you didn’t see before.

Subject matter.

* Write about something people aren’t writing about. In every topic there is always something left unsaid. Go for it, no matter how much you might second guess yourself.

* Think outside the box. Yes, I know, a cliche. But it’s completely true. Draw inspiration from things outside of your niche, and apply it to your post.

* Write in the nude, wearing a viking hat with oversized antlers and Janet Jackson style pasties. I imagine you you didn’t expect to read that. That’s because you weren’t expecting the unusual and creative. No one expects it, so use it to your advantage….though I do suggest toning it down a bit.

* Don’t worry about what people will think. They’re going to think something regardless of what you write or how you write it. Ignore it. Some people will like what you post, some won’t. That’s going to happen anyway, so why worry? Write what you feel, and what you think.

* Inventive verbage. Making up new words – such as octoprofit – works. Digg, google, yahoo, ebay and a myriad others have made it big doing this. Try it if you can. But keep it short, the bigger the word, the harder it is to remember. And if its a sentence, you’re sunk.

* Be useful. Write about something people can use. If you’re writing about what wore to work today, and the intrigue of you’re best friend’s boyfriend and how you think he likes you, the only readers you’ll get is the best friend and her boyfriend. Write about something that everyone in the world can use and be interested in, and it changes everything.

* Write to learn. Learning is a great thing, and you will never make any money without learning. When you write a post, research what you are writing about. Be thorough, make sure you understand your subject matter completely. Beyond that, be sure that you’re writing about content that you enjoy. If you’re writing about something that bores you, chances are, you’ll bore your readers simply because you’ll come across as bored.

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