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If Content is the Emperor, then RSS is The Emperor’s New Tailor

Content is king, in more ways than one. As we all know, information is what fuels the internal workings of the internet. People log online to search for information. If you have the information they need, they’ll be seeking you out. And where will this information be contained? In your website’s content, of course!

Search engines make content valuable as well – regularly updated content, that is. Every time you change your source code to provide updated content, the search engine spiders are informed and they will crawl through your pages the next time a relevant query is made. Hence, a regularly updated website is said to place higher in search engine results, and as such, garners more visitors than its less updated competitors.

But creating content is a menial, time-consuming process as it is, what more when you have to update and continuously provide new content at every turn? Chances are, your online endeavors would be tantamount to a fulltime job, and perhaps even more demanding than such.

You must be asking if there is a shortcut to the process, right? At least something that would make content generation a little easier.

The answer is no. There is no shortcut to creating content. You will have to provide excellent, unique content as anchors to your website if you wish to achieve sustainable success with your web pages.

But when it comes to updatable content, well, there is this thing we call RSS, or Real Simple Syndication.

RSS, basically, is a syndication method that allows you to display content on your web pages, such content emanating from other sources on the internet.

For example, I am a blog owner. You could opt to subscribe to my RSS feeds and display my content on your web pages via an RSS aggregator. The result? You’d have fresh, new content every time I update my blog.

But your RSS feeds don’t have to come from my blog alone. You could subscribe to RSS feeds from newswires, article directories and the likes. Furthermore, you could narrow down the parameters of the RSS feeds that your RSS aggregator would fetch. Want to have content about dogs, and dogs only? Synch your RSS aggregator to fetch feeds that contain your chosen keywords.

There are some things, however, that you should keep in mind whenever you’d want to include RSS in your content pages. Take a look at them.

* To avoid duplicate content, make sure that the RSS feeds will only supplement original content in your website. A page exclusively devoted to RSS feeds may be filtered out as duplicate content.

* Make sure that your RSS aggregator will convert RSS feeds into HTML files, and not java scripts. Search engine spiders won’t be able to read java scripts.

* Make sure that you subscribe to relevant RSS feeds. You need to keep the focus of your web pages to attract the contextually relevant ads that you want, if ever you’re engaged in PPC programs.

RSS technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Some experts even say that by 2010, RSS would have replaced email as the standard for message conveyance on the internet. Some marketers use RSS as their follow-up system of choice. Some marketers even use RSS, mainly RSS 2.0 technology, to stream their podcasts and videocasts to millions of people, simultaneously, to expose their business to a wide, wide audience.

Indeed, we are lucky to be living in the age of RSS. RSS makes online business a little more manageable and a lot more effective, and it would be prudent to embrace all that this technology could offer.

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