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Increase The Number Of Blog Posts To Increase Blog Traffic And Inbound Links

Are you a blogger of the type who likes to write as little as possible? Problem ahead! Come up with a number of quality posts on a daily or weekly basis. More posts attract more traffic, more inbound links and search engines have more reasons to list your blog.

To have more number of blog posts in your blog, you will have to dedicate more time – researching latest developments in the area of your interest, presenting your thoughts and at times –breaking news.

The Advantages of having more Posts in Your Blog

Your Readers See You as Someone Who Spends Time on Your Blog

You spend more time on the things you like (or the things you have to do). With hundreds of blog posts around a specific topic, all written by you, the readers to your blog see you as a guy or a gal, passionate about what you say. The readers see a new post by you, whenever they open their RSS feed reader. They will think, oh what a passionate person, he/she always have to say something about blogging, landscape photography, climbing rocks, down-hilling, rearing cattle, cooking pizza . . .

A new reader to the blog is also likely to subscribe to your feed, after seeing two or three pages of your blog.

More Inbound Links

Other bloggers who have shared interests with you will be following up with your blog via your RSS feeds. Your blog posts, that are worthy of note will get the attention of fellow bloggers and they are more likely to drop a link to your post.

More Search Engine Listings

I can’t push this point enough. The more you write, the more your chances are to get listed in Google and MSN Live search. Yahoo is a bit hard. I have seen Google sending traffic to my blogs, for the phrases I have never thought of as a keyword.

The point here is, forget for a moment about keywords and Search Engine Optimization. Instead, focus on what you like to do. That is, write more about your favorite topic. Regular updating of your blog allows search engines to find more keywords in your blog and a chance for them, to present one of your blog posts as search results.

I also tell you write blog posts of reasonable quality – both content and grammar should be OK. Better than OK gives you plus points.

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