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Increase Web Site Traffic- How to Create Traffic Online Using Press Releases

Everyone knows and understands what a press release does. Right? Well, to recap, a press release is a form of news that explains something worthwhile. Local news channels use press releases as well as radio to relate information worthwhile to citizens.

A press release is a great way to promote your website and generate traffic to it. When we think of advertising for our web page we don’t always think about doing it off line, in our community. That is the best place to start! And by using press releases you can generate numerous traffic.

Simply use an ad the same manner you would for an internet ad, contact your radio station and ask them to play your press release. These short 30-60 second press releases simply need your website address, product information, a catchy language, and a great tone.

You, yourself, do not have to be the speaker; someone else can do it for you! Press releases provide you a great way to advertise to people outside your list that you might not have thought of to include on the list. A press release is a perfect avenue! And why not advertise to your local community?

It provides a service to those in your community! Press releases need not be long, they can range from a little as 250 words, you simply need to describe what you have to offer and provide you site. It’s that simple! A great press release will generate more traffic then you thought possible.

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