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Length of Posts – Short or Long

Do you think too much about the length of your blog posts? Do you choose long or short posts for your blog? The length of blog posts can have a psychological impact on the readers.

Many bloggers have blog posts less than 200 words, while others prefer 500-900 word posts. Blog posts with 350-450 words are more common.

The number of words really doesn’t matter, if you have something to say, and you can say it clearly and completely. The length of the blog posts can affect the perception of readers to the blogger.

Do you prefer a 100-200 word quickie or 700-900 word long posts? The quickies appear too short and the longer ones appear too long.

The shorter posts also have another problem; readers can think you don’t put in the efforts to write something meaningful.

Bloggers also quickly set a pattern – about everything in their blog. When the readers see more 100-word posts in a blog than it used to be, it creates some confusion in the minds of readers. The reverse is also true.

If you have set a pattern of long posts, there is nothing to worry about an occasional quickie. A one-liner is enough while introducing a new blog, an interesting blog post or a new product or service. The link you put to the resource makes your post a complete one. Word count does not matter.

It is not always how much you write. It is about conveying the idea clearly and completely. Write 1000 words if you feel it necessary to convey an idea. If you think you can convey the idea in less than 100 words – that too is fine.

In conclusion, it is not the number of words use, but what you say is what matters.

Now tell me, is this a quickie?

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