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Linking Strategy and the Use of Back Links to Improve Search Engine Rankings I

Search engines can provide you with a great deal of free advertising if you work with them to provide their customers with the information that they are seeking, and linking strategy and the use of back links to improve search engine rankings should be a major part of your overall web site advertising program.

How would you feel if you entered a keyword appropriate for your web site into your browser and found your site in the first half dozen or so results out of several million results found? Even in the first ten would be brilliant!? This would provide you with an amazing amount of free traffic, and do you know what?? You can do it!? It’s not rocket science, just simple common sense.

One of the major factors in you achieving such a high listing in the search engine index for any particular keyword is the number of back links you have to your site from other web sites. Let’s take Google as a typical search engine since it’s easier writing ‘Google’ than ‘search engine’.? In any case Google was the first true search engine rather than website directory which is what Yahoo began life as.

You have probably heard of the word ‘algorithm’.? An algorithm is a statistical mathematical formula that uses various factors to determine a specific result. Google’s algorithm to determine where your website appears in their listings comprises many different factors, a major one being how many other sites are linked to yours.? Actually, Google does not list web sites but individual web pages.? That makes it possible for your web site to have many different pages listed in Google for different keywords.

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