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Linking Strategy and the Use of Back Links to Improve Search Engine Rankings II

A keyword is simply the name given to the words used by a customer of Google to find the information they are looking for.? For example, if you want to find more information about back linking, you might enter ‘what are back links’ into your browser. ‘What are back links’ is the keyword you are using. It is called a ‘keyword’ even if you are using several words, so it perhaps would be more accurate to call it a ‘keyphrase’, but that is not the convention.

Google’s customers are those using Google to find information.? They are not, as many believe, those who advertise on Google.? They are people who use Google as their search engine of choice to find out specific information.? Google’s job is to provide these customers with the best service that Google can. This means that the search results should provide the best possible answers to the questions, and the most relevant sites.? Google takes the view that the more web sites that provide a link from their site to yours, and that their visitors can click on to reach your web site, then the more relevant your site must be to the question being asked.

The more links from other sites to yours on the question of ‘What are back links?’, then the better Google believes your site must be at answering that question and satisfying its customers’ needs.? You are rewarded for that by additional points or whatever they are added to the algorithm’s total.

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