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Make Your Blog Work For You – Bookmark It!

This is the final article in this series about making your blog work for you instead of the other way around.  In previous articles you’ve found places to shop for themes, personalized the theme, plugged-in options, and submitted a Google Sitemap.  In this last article in this series you’ll learn a very cool way of submitting your site to many different bookmark sites at the same time.

Why bookmark?

Bookmarking is much like adding pages to your favorites file but with more power.  Sites like Digg, Blinklist, and Furl give the user the opportunity to list their favorite sites or posts so that others can see them and visit also.  These are a personal collection of bookmarks that you share with others and that create backlinks to your site.  Users of the different social bookmark networks can add links to their own collection, subscribe to other’s lists and visit sites they would not have otherwise found.

There are many different social bookmarking sites on the Internet today.  The list is pretty extensive.  If you have to post your links to each of them it would take an hour a day.

Now there is a free service that you can use to bookmark approximate 19 different services all at once.  After you’ve set up your account it literally takes 1 minute to bookmark 19 sites.  And then you have 19 backlinks to your blog.

OnlyWire is the service and it takes the time consuming, mind-numbing work out of bookmarking your blog posts.  Your first task is to sign up for an OnlyWire account (free) and enter your user name and passwords for all 19 bookmarking sites.  You can use 1 to 19 of those sites – the choice is yours.  If you don’t have accounts with the sites already there are links that will take you to the account sign-up pages.  The entire process can take about 20 minutes initially and then 1 minute with each blogpost after that.

Another widget that is available for your blog is the bookmark widget that allows you to put social sites onto the sidebar of your blog. http://darxr.net/wp-bookmark-widget  This widget works much the same as the Sociable plug-in except for the location.  The location of this widget is in the sidebar while the Sociable plug-in is located at the bottom of each post.  Each has a large number of social sites listed that you can pick and chose from to list on your site.  It’s a win-win situation for you and the social sites.  Your readers can bookmark quickly and easily and the social sites have backlinks to their sites.

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