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Make Your Business A Winner

Has your business ever won an award? If the answer is no, then you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to promote your business. It’s an opportunity that is low cost (often free), highly visible, presents the business as a leader in its field and gives the media a reason to write about it in a positive way. It can turn your business into a star overnight!

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, there is always at least one annual awards competition. You probably know the one for your industry and you’re probably thinking the same companies win over and over again. But that’s not always because they’re the best there is, it’s because they’re amongst the few that have realised the benefits of entering award competitions; it’s often the case that so few other companies enter that you’re almost guaranteed a win.

You don’t have to have had a sensational year, produce an amazing product or been fantastic in any way shape or form. A professionally written and presented award entry submission will make all the difference. Most people don’t understand the trick to winning is making the judging process easier for the judges. Remember, the judges have to read a lot of award entries, across many different categories; they are usually volunteers and are time short. If you use language that makes your entry stand out, your chances of winning will increase dramatically.

70% Success I’ve written award entries for many different companies and have helped them win in over 70% of the entries I have written. So I can tell you there are few better feelings than taking the stage to accept an award for your business; it feels great and isn’t hard to achieve.

And as I said, you’ll gain visibility. On the evening that you’re presented with your award, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of individuals representing many of the organisations within your industry. Your competitors will see you win and so will many of your customers and potential new customers. They’ll write your company’s name in the book of winners that everyone takes home, announce it on their website and may even publish it in the industry magazine they are associated with (if they are associated with one).

Media Interest With an award under your belt, you’ll have something to talk to the media about, so start your public relations machine. Send your industry media a press release telling them all about the award you have won. Make sure you tell them about the award, why you won it and include a case study of the specific business activity that won the award.

It’s interesting news that’s relevant to people and businesses in your industry; the people that read their magazine, so they’re very likely to publish a story featuring your business as an award winner and may even ask you for an interview. This is great, because it means more free publicity for your business.

Win More Business Once you’ve got one award, don’t stop there. Keep entering and you’ll keep winning. The more awards you win, the stronger the reputation for excellence you will create around your business. And that’s what you really want to win: more business.

Richard Jebb is a Freelance Writer who specialises in writing for business. Marketing literature, Public Relations, Award Entry Submissions and Website Content are just some of the business tools he can make work for you. To contact Richard Jebb email him at richard@wordsthat-work.co.uk. http://www.wordsthat-work.co.uk

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