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Marketing Tips from the Tag and Ping School of Marketing

Tag and Ping, Google Analytics, Micro-Dissecting Logs, Visual PageRank…

What does all those topics have in common?

No, I haven’t gotten into the happy-pill jar, just in case
you’re wondering! What does all those topics have in common?
They are all marketing tactics or strategies I am presently
using to promote and propel my sites into the ever increasing,
all encompassing Internet stratosphere.

Let’s face it, there are countless marketing methods, tricks,
tips, strategies you can use to give your site an edge over the
competition. And yes, there are many marketing secrets left
to be told. More being born each day. Countless secrets most
of us will never discover, let alone understand.

But what you have to understand, each webmaster or marketer
employs a whole set of techniques to promote and propel their
sites. Each marketing system is different, each one can develop
into a complex creature slowly weaving its presence into the
fabric of the world wide web. Might sound a bit fantastic, but
it is nevertheless true.

Also know each website on the Internet has its own unique
linking structure, connections, keywords, traffic… its own
unique genetic link-code. Why should da Vinci have all the fun!

Each webmaster, whether they realize it or not, creates this
unique linking structure for each site they build. From day one,
when the first link is placed on their site — this complex
marketing structure is put into motion. What makes some sites
succeed, what makes them become successful automatic profit
generating machines… while others fail? That is the real
question. That is the only real secret you need to know.

Of course, a site’s content plays a major role, but even two
sites with more or less the same content will have two totally
different dynamic linking structures created. One may succeed,
the other fail.

So in this line of thinking, I thought I would tell you some
of the marketing strategies I use for my sites and also reveal
what I believe to be the underlying factor that is key to the
whole shebang. Tactics that will promote and propel your site
into the center of the world wide web. Are you Ready? Here goes:

Tag and Ping

A few years back, it was all blog and ping. This technique
really worked for a while. You wrote a keyword rich entry
into one of your blogs and then pinged this entry with one
of the many blogging directories or sites like MyYahoo to get
the information spidered and indexed. The search engines wised
up quickly and it no longer works as well.

Now, you will hear the magic words ‘Tag and Ping’ till you’re
sick of hearing them. This is a method I have been using for some
time. It’s basically the same thing, only you’re using the tag or
tagging system of such sites as Technorati to draw attention to your
tag or keyword.

It has a special application for keyword marketing and is very
effective for getting traffic and links to your keywords. One
simple way to use tags with Technorati:

(remove asterisks in actual code)

Or if your blogging software supports categories; this will
be recognized by Technorati as a tag.

Since this is a relatively new way of marketing your site,
expect it to work for a little while. Until the spammers get
in and ruin it, like they did to blog comments.

Google Analytics

This is a free program from Google that every webmaster should
be using. If you don’t use it — get it! www.google.com/analytics

Google Analytics will give you priceless information about your
sites, your links, your visitors and your marketing. It will show
you which pages are working, which pages are not working. It will
tell you which pages holds your visitor’s attention, which pages
lead to your marketing goals/sales…in other words it will tell
you how effective your site is at getting the job done.

The more knowledge you have about your site, the more successful
it will be. A lot of times, being a success is finding/tracking
the one method or technique that works and repeating it again
and again on your other pages or sites. Google analytics will
help you find the successful techniques on your site. Then you
have to run with them.

Micro-Dissecting Logs

Another valuable source of information about your site is in
your daily logs. If you’re not dissecting or micro inspecting
your daily hosting logs, you’re not realizing the full potential
of your site. Your site’s logs holds the keys to your site’s
success, it holds the information that will make your site
profitable or more profitable.

It will give you information on your site, it will also give
you information on your site’s visitors. The real key to
Internet marketing is finding out what exactly your visitors
are looking for and then giving it to them. Find out the exact
keywords your visitors type into search engines, then supply
the answer or solution on your site. It is as simple as that
– give your visitors what they want.

Whether it is more information on ‘the nature of the universe’
or where they can purchase the cheapest laptop? Just supply the
answer to their question. Your daily logs will give you this
information, read them, dissect them and most of all use them
to give your visitors what they want. Make your content

Buying Links

This marketing technique has mixed reviews, many marketers use
it — many discourage it.

You have to be very careful when buying links, know exactly
what you’re buying and be wary of the search engines who may
look down upon this practice. Don’t buy any links from link
farms, or sites which have been banned from Google. Stay clear
of any black hat tricks or methods, play fair and you will
win in the long run.

To me, buying links is just another way of advertising your
site. If your site or online business is successful, naturally
you’re going to put some of your profits back into promoting
or advertising your site. One way to do this is through buying
links on high ranked pages/sites: PR5 or over.

I recently bought my first text link!

It’s something I rarely do, mainly because my article writing
produces many one-way links back to my site. However, there
was one site I just wanted to get a link from, and if it
means I have to pay $7 a month for the link, so be it.

Currently the page has a PR0! Why would I buy a link on a PR0
page — don’t worry, still haven’t gotten into that happy-pill
jar. Because it’s a very new popular page on a very popular
new site. The site is www.iwebtool.com and it has an Alexa
ranking under 2000. The site is about a year old! The page
itself holds what I believe will be a very popular webmaster
tool that shows you visually all the PR rankings on any webpage
on the net. Visual PageRank.

In other words, just type in any url and it will show you
visually all the Google PR rankings for all the links on that
page, internal links and external links. Valuable information
any webmaster or marketer can use. Besides, that page has a
cool factor which in my opinion will propel it to a very high
PR ranking in the future. There are already a few pages on this
site with a PR6 ranking, but all those links have been sold.
Once this new page was created, I jumped at a chance to get a
link there on that site.

Other places to purchase links:




One more Marketing Technique

There is one more important marketing method that makes all
the above techniques pale in comparison. This simple technique
is article marketing. Write simple informative articles on
the subject of your site. Submit these keyword rich articles
to online article directories like ezinearticles.com and place
links back to your site in the resource box at the end of each

Article writing is one of the best methods to market your site,
you will be surprised at the effectiveness of this simple
marketing technique. Done correctly, it can be your most powerful
marketing tool.

Information Core.

Did you get the big picture? Did you get the underlying theme
running through all these Internet marketing techniques? The
common thread that holds everything together? What makes
them effective?

That common thread is Information.

Information runs the web. It is the center. Dispensing this
information is a complex system consisting of search engines,
directories, websites, blogs… you must entangle and entwine
your site as deeply as you can into this information process.

That’s why article writing is such an effective marketing tool,
it strikes at the center of this essential process. It places
your content and your site right in the middle of all this
exchange of information. The more relevant your content, the
closer you will get to the real action and the more popular
your site will become.

Remember, all these marketing techniques are not really
secrets, just effective ways you can promote and propel
your site or sites closer to the information core that
runs the web. The thread that binds everything together.
The closer you can get your site to this center, the better
it will flourish. The more you can entangle your site into
the whole mix…. search engines, directories, links to popular
sites… the more successful your site will become.

All these marketing techniques: tag and ping, article marketing,
buying links… will help place your site into this information
mix. Likewise, Google Analytics, micro-dissecting your logs, and
visual pagerank are all information gathering methods every
webmaster should use to make this journey easier and quicker.
Knowledge is the only real marketing tool you need.

So go ‘Tag and Ping’ all you like but realize it is just the
latest in a long line of marketing techniques you should be
using to promote and propel your site closer towards the one
common thread that really matters.



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