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MLM Leads – How To Generate Hot Leads For Your MLM Business Opportunity

Everyday network marketers are desperately searching for new sources to buy leads from, but they don’t realize that 99% of the time they get ripped off. Being able to generate your own mlm leads is the key to success. But how do you do it? Well, it’s actually not as complicated as many of you might think. You need three things to successfully start generating mlm leads: lead capture page, website traffic, and expert status.

What is a lead capture page?

Lead capture page captures your prospect’s name, email address, and possibly phone number. It includes autoresponder system that follows up with your prospect with series of emails prewritten by you. Each email should tell your prospect more about the opportunity, how is the opportunity going to change their life, and how they can join you.

Your lead capture page could be enhanced with creatives like audio or video to increase conversions. The creatives should persuade the prospect to fill out the contact form. This can be accomplished by offering a free course, case study, or other valuable information that might interest your prospect.

How do you get targeted traffic to your website or lead capture page?

Being able to generate traffic is probably the most difficult process for many network marketers. If you don’t have traffic, you will not generate mlm leads, period. The main methods that have been proven to produce results are article marketing, writing press releases, and Google Adwords.

Article Marketing

Article marketing can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and generate mlm leads, if done correctly. The key to success with article marketing is being able to choose the right keyword phrases for your article. The reason for that is to make your article ranked on top of the search engines for your target keyword phrase. Not only that, but the article will give a backlink to your website, which will increase your website’s search engine position as well.

When your prospects search for the specific keywords, they will find your article and follow the link from your resource box directly to your lead capture page. Then your lead capture page will persuade the prospect to fill out your form.

Press Releases

Writing press releases is one of the most effective ways to explode your mlm business opportunity. Press releases get ranked high in search engines very quickly. Usually within 24 hours you can spot your press release on top of the search results for your main keyword phrase. This methods needs to be repeated over and over again to keep up with your competition. Experienced network marketers know how effective press release can be, which created this huge wave of press releases for almost every mlm company out there.

Press release needs to reveal some kind of information that is newsworthy. You could write about changes within the company etc. For example, if your mlm company releases new entry level or changes the price of admission, then it could be a great opportunity to write a press release.

Press releases also generate backlinks to your website, which also influences its position within the search results. By having your website ranked on top of the search engines like Google could results in massive production of hot mlm leads that you could use to explode your downline or convert into sales.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the fastest way to generate traffic and mlm leads for any type of business opportunity.

Here is how it works:
– You create an ad

– Bid for placement

– Monitor your spending

– Generate mlm leads
Adwords program is simply pay per click advertising. You pay for every click to your ad as a result from the searches being made for the keyword phrase you bid on.

Advertising on Google Adwords could be dangerous if not done the right way. You need to know your matrix and figure out your daily budget. Not only that, but you also need to know what kind of keywords to bid on. This actually is not as simple as you might think. People like you loose the pay per click game without any results or money generated.

It is highly recommended that you learn from an expert in this field. You can find a ton of free resources and even community forums dedicated to Google Adwords. It is recommended to read Google Cash ebook before you spend any money on pay per click.

How to develop MLM expert status?

By being able to position yourself as an expert you will convert a lot more prospects into sales. This is a proven fact, and anyone who wants to become successful with network marketing needs to remember it.

But how do you do it? Well, since you already know how to develop a lead capture page and drive traffic to your website, you can proclaim yourself as an industry expert. All you have to do is give your prospects the knowledge they need to succeed. They need to see you as a mentor who knows how to make money with the MLM business he is in.

Position yourself as an expert and let your prospects know about it right on your lead capture page. Convince them that you are the guy who will show them how to build their business. If you complete this process, you will attract new prospects like a magnet, which will explode your downline and MLM profits.

Let’s sum it up

Stop buying MLM leads from other companies. Develop your own lead capture page and start driving targeted traffic to it. I highly recommend you to hire a copywriter to write your sales copy. Then develop your own marketing plan and stick with it. Set your goals and never give up. Once you master the process of generating your own mlm leads you will become successful with any MLM opportunity you decide to join in the future.

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