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Podcasting – How to Podcast

There’s more to creating a podcast than just knowing what to say, however.? How you say it is just as – if not more – important than the message itself.? With these few tips you should have podcast success!? The main goal here is to make your podcast stand out from the ever-expanding sea of information choices out there.

1.? Be original!? No one wants to hear someone drone on about the same old things they’ve heard a million times before.? Attracting an audience means being engaging, and part of being engaging is having a new and fresh approach.? If your content isn’t necessarily original (sometimes the facts are just the facts) that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little flair.? Let your fun side show!

2.? Be succinct!? Don’t drown your listeners in waves of words.? After all, you’re supposed to be getting your message across!? Don’t force your listeners to wade through the fluff to find the message – they won’t.

3.? Be accurate!? Make sure the information you are giving in your podcast is current and accurate.? Nothing diminishes your credibility faster than reporting faulty information.

4.? Be timeless!? Although it’s important to include up to date and relevant information in your podcast, it’s also key to include information that timeless so that it will have a longer shelf life and longer-term appeal.

5.? Be clear!? The quality of the audio content is important.? No matter how compelling the message is, if the podcast is difficult to listen to because of poor quality, you will lose listeners.

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