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Podcasting 101

Most likely, you’ve heard the term “podcasting” kicked around.? But what does it actually mean?? For many people, podcasting is the future of online business and it can be a very useful tool for your business.

A podcast is a digital audio file, recorded using your computer, some recording software, and a microphone.? The resulting file is then uploaded to a podcasting web service where listeners can download the file directly or subscribe to the podcast feed.? The file is then listened to on the subsciber’s computer or audio player device.? Baiscally, a podcast is like an internet radio show that you create and post online.? The audience is anyone who wants to download it.

Now that you know what a podcast is, how can this help your business?? A podcast can help you get established as an expert in your field, it can generate traffic to your site, and create a new stream of revenue that might otherwise have slipped through your fingers.

Podcasting is essentially what email once was:? a way to get one’s message out there.? The attraction of podcasting over email, however, is in its two basic features:? its potential for creating a sense of intimacy and its ease of use.? While email is fairly straightforward for most of us, its limitations are all too familiar as well.? With email, it is very easy to misconstrue the message.? More importantly, however, email cannot convey the emotion behind the message, either.? In a podcast, the speaker’s passion and message can easily be understood, thus making the message more impactful.

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