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Podcasting 102

Podcasting can be a simple way to get your message out to the internet world, and yet so many people ignore podcasting as a relevant method of list building and traffic building.

So what do you do to get the word out about your podcast?

Now that you’ve got your podcast ready for the world, you’ll need to get the word out!? There’s no point in having a cracker-jack podcast with a compelling message when people don’t know about it, right?? That’s where promotion comes in.

Because podcasting is a fairly new technology, it may time some time to educate your potential public about it.? Go beyond just the techno-babble about what podcasting is.? People want to know how a technology can help them, so focus on that aspect as well. Also, let visitors to your site know that there is a related podcast available.? Similar to the orange icon that has become synonymous with RSS feeds, having a podcast flag on your site will alert seasoned internet users to the availability of that content.

Just like with promoting traditional media, considering promoting your podcast through a press release.? You send the release to various online media outlets as well as to some of the many free press release directories.

In addition, you can submit the podcast itself to some of the various podcast directories. These directories contain podcasts covering every topic imaginable.? What that means for you is, the potential for a whole new audience opens up.? Those people can then download your podcast, visit your site, and then spread the word by mouth, which could be an exponential increase in your audience.

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