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Podcasting Made Easy – Effortless Steps to Podcasting

Podcasting may sound so challenging but you will be amazed to know that it is as easy as reciting the alphabets. No sweat! All you need to do is follow these steps and in no time, you will be earning more with podcasting.

1. Draw your content. There are so many topics that you can use as subject for your podcast. There is no really a blueprint to follow about what content is best for podcast. It is here where your creativity will bring you to a successful podcast. And if you are worrying about the platform to use, you can actually use Mac or PC. What is important is that as a starter, you will be able to finish a single podcast.

2. If you are done with the content, make sure to save the audio show. As mentioned earlier, you can record it in any format you want. This way, should you want to make revisions, you can always go back and change it.

3. And if you are done with the first 2 steps, save the file then in to MP3 format. This is the universal format that is mostly accepted for any podcast. Do not miss the chance to change your format since some may not be able to listen to your podcast.

4. Publish your podcast in your site or in other directories.

5. Then, create a podcast feed. These are actually RSS files that would describe your podcast.

6. Publish this news feed then to your server. You can validate your news feed to make sure that it is now prepared to be published in the World Wide Web. Podcasting is easy. Try it now and earn more with podcasting.

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