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Press Here To Make The News

Freelance writers are often asked to write press releases. Press release writing is a key skill which allows writers to publicize their own services or promote someone else’s.  Here’s what writers need to know about writing press releases.

What is a press release?

A press release is essentially a news story written to interest a specific publication or audience. It consists of three main parts: the headline, the introduction and the body. There may also be a note to editors at the end of the story which contains extra information for those not familiar with your organisation or product.

As with a news story, the lead is crucial. It should answer the who, what, where, when and why questions, right from the start. The press release should sound like a news story, with short sentences and paragraphs. Your story needs a clear angle, and no loose ends.

How do I decide what to put in a press release?

News is essentially about people, so writers should stress the people aspect of the story.

Four other techniques writers can use are:

controversy – examples could include attacking a government decision, making a prediction about the future or suggesting a new policy  conflict – examples include price cuts, fighting for an elected office or a battle for market share  novelty value – describe a coincidence, a chance event or a surprising statistic.   empathy – show how your product can help the reader, a survey on issues that concern people, provide tips to handling a common problem.

A successful press release should be:

relevant to the people it is sent to  focused: that is, correctly targeted  timely: fitting in with the publication deadlines of the organization you’re sending it to  readable: if it bores the person who does the initial read, the chances of getting it published are slim  presented in the right format.

Most of all a press release should be news.

Sharon Hurley Hall gives writers advice on how to get paid to write. Sharon is a freelance writer, ghostwriter and editor who writes on freelance writing skills and writer promotion for InspiredAuthor.com. For more information or to contact Sharon, visit doublehdesign.com.

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