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Press Release Writing – Basics to Writing a Press Release II

Now regarding the content of the press release. The first thing that you should tell the readers is that why is you writing this press release. Hence it is always important that you start your press release with your thesis. The press release should have an attractive heading so that the readers are attracted to read the press release. The initial paragraph of the press release is of foremost importance as it compels the reader to read the entire story. In the content of the press release, it is very important to stick to the topic. The press release should be made interesting. Write in a way so that the reader is able to relate himself to the press release. Use of real life examples and latest social issues is always advisable to be included in your content. Always include the contact information in your press release, so that if the journalist has any query he can contact you.The next rule for writing a press release is that the press release that your writing should be gripping but brief. A press release should always be double-spaced and approximately a page long and in no way greater than two pages. It is always important that your press release is grammatically correct. The language used in the press release should be impressive but simple to understand. If you use any inside information or some one else’s quotes, make sure that you have the permission. This will avoid any later conflicts regarding your press release.

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