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Press Release Writing – Writing for Press Release Power

Press Release Writing – Writing for Press Release Power

Brevity.  Unfortunately, in many sectors in the 21st century the word “brevity” has gained something of a tarnished reputation.  Too often, verbosity seems to be the goal of many a writer.  However, when it comes to writing press releases, one of the most important elements that a press release writer must always bear in mind is the overriding importance of word economy when creating and developing a press release.

Oftentimes a novice press release writer believes that he or she must include minute details within the confines of a release.  In fact, the opposite is true.  An experienced writer comes to understand that a press release must be accurate, concise and to the point.  There remains something to be said for the old standard in reporting (and in preparing press releases) that called for The Five Ws:  Who, What, When, Where and Why.

If upon reviewing a press release a reporter determines that he or she does want more information, the media contact should be only an email or a phone call away.  Included within every succinct press release should be the contact information for the media contact.  The media contact must be an individual that not only has actual and sufficient knowledge about the matters brought forth within the press release but also must be someone who readily is available to the media.

By paying heed to the pointers suggested for you within in this article, you will find that your press releases receive more frequent placement and your business, organization or other enterprise or venture receives more public visibility.

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