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Press Releases and the Internet

Press releases are written news or articles that tell of something new about a firm,s products or services.  This is also not only about businesses alone but also tells of important news and updates that are happening daily.  Press releases are aimed at getting the media,s attention, obtaining publicity and hoping it receives a favorable response.

Contents of a Press Release

A good press release should have a catchy title to attract the attention it needs from the media.  The title should also be relevant to the content, a short summary so to speak.  The introduction of the press release must answer the basic questions of who were involved in the event, what happened in the event, when and where it took place, and why it happened.  Introductions should only be a paragraph, an overview of the event.  The body of the press release talks about the event in detail, giving further explanations and explaining the background of the event.

Press releases contain the date of when it was released to the media.  Some press releases also contain the place of where it originally came from.  It must also have what is called the boilerplate, which is the short description of the individual, company or firm who arranged the press release.

Lastly, media contact information is must for easier communication between the P R people who arranged the press release and those who are interested in it.

Online Press Releases and Its Benefits

For big firms to conquer the Internet, they make use of press releases to get their products and services out there, and the Internet has become a very good medium for this.  They also still utilize the paper and broadcasting system, but to get a broader audience, Internet is very ideal for such.  Not only does it reach a bigger audience, but the media receives it much quicker.

If you use the Internet, you can search for websites that distribute press releases.  Once you have chosen the best company to handle your press release, you get the benefit of your press release being posted in the top search engines as relevant news, and it gets posted as the top and latest news in whatever industry your business is in so that when an Internet user searches for a product or a service, he will immediately notice your press release.  Being posted in these popular search engines also gives you more credibility.

Unlike papers and broadcast systems where your press release is archived after a few days, with online press releases, the media can still access information about your company even if it has been weeks or even months.

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