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Press Releases – Your Headline Has To Be Great!

Start your press release with a great headline that will convince the media to read further. “The headline of a press release has one job and one job only,” according to press release guru Paul Hartunian. “The only job of a press release headline is to force the reporter to keep reading. The headline has no other job. Don’t force your press release headline to do anything more than force the reporter to keep reading. That’s a big enough job!”

In press releases, headlines are critical. They’re the first, and often the only, thing the media reads. If your headline doesn’t immediately grab the reader’s attention, your release usually won’t be read.

To seize the media’s attention, link your headlines to:

1) Money,

2) Sex,

3) Health,

4) Controversy.

Remember to grab the media by looking at and reacting to what is in the news! The media does not care about you or your book.They care about how good an interview you are, how you react to something that is going on now- and they want you to help their audience and or readers-

Do your homework! Read magazines, newspapers every day- and watch several TV shows every day- including Today, GMA and CBS Early Show. Couldn’t hurt to watch Oprah too!

Make sure that you know everything you can about the reporter before you speak to him or her. Read all that they have written- do a google search- know where there went to school…
Be prepared!

Excerpted from Author 101: Bestselling Book Publicity, by Rick Frishman and Robyn Spizman; http://www.author101.com

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Rick Frishman

President Planned TV Arts

Rick Frishman, president of Planned Television Arts, since 1982 is the driving force behind PTA’s exceptional growth. In 1993 PTA merged with Ruder*Finn and Rick serves as an Executive Vice President at Ruder Finn. While supervising PTA’s success, he has remained one of the most powerful and energetic publicists in the media industry.

Rick continues to work with many of the top editors, agents and publishers in America including Simon and Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins,  Some of the authors he has worked with include Mitch Albom, Bill Moyers, Stephen King, Caroline Kennedy, Howard Stern, President Jimmy Carter, Mark Victor Hansen, Nelson DeMille, John Grisham, Hugh Downs, Henry Kissinger, Jack Canfield, Alan Deshowitz, Arnold Palmer, and Harvey Mackay.Rick joined the company in 1976 after working as a producer at WOR-AM in New York City. He has a B.F.A. in acting and directing and a B.S. from Ithaca College School of Communications. http://www.rickfrishman.com
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