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Productive Podcasting – The Reality In Podcasting

Are you hooked in listening to your audio files on your MP3 or on your Nano fifth generation pod?? Are you a collector of these wav files that are mostly downloadable from the internet?? Well then if you are not, most likely you are not aware about the latest craze in podcasting.? A podcast is an audio file that is created under mp3 format that is then uploaded? on a supported RSS or Really Simple Syndication file to the server for the market to download for listening leisure.

A lot of experts have been studying as to why podcasting became a massive hit.? Several reasons they found why a lot of people are into it.? ? Most notable of which is that, the advent of ebook required a more prolific way of advertising it.? Merging it with podcasting is the foreseen solution.? So, how do you create a podcast then?

a.? Get a podcaster.? Itune is one great podcaster hit.? Listen to audio files that have been created to get the feel of podcasting.

b.? When ready to create, determine your target market.? Are you catering to old ones or the young ones.? This will allow you to have a free selection of audio files to create based on your market.

c.? Recording your podcast is next.? Make sure that you get the best gadgets and softwares to record your audio file. You may want to consider purchasing high-end microphones when recording it.

d.? After recording it, save and upload the podcast to the server.? This will allow for your audio file available in the market for downloading.

e.? Get a feedback of your podcast thru podcast feed.

Publish it.? Publishing it on a podcast directory so that it reaches more podcasters would be a good move.

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