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Public Relations for Online Article Submission Sites Considered

In studying the online article submission web sites of the present period it seems to me that some do not fair so well, while others do better than could be expected. Why is this? Well some is good strong customer service and listening to the authors who post and those who pick up the syndication services.

Yet we see that there are several sites, which do all these things. But what makes the top online article submission sites do so well? I submit to you that it is very much about online community goodwill and Public Relations and the great customer service is a must that allows them to compete for top bidding in the first place. Public Relations for Online Article Submission Sites must be considered if these companies are to become superstars and break away from the pack to ride in the Yellow Jersey.

Public Relations in online venues carries a lot of responsibility and it is not always easy to choose the right publicity and it is not always wise to align yourself with every company, who wishes to use your success to promote themselves. Sometimes it provides a win/win, and other times it does more to harm than good. Public relations for an online article submission website is tricky business indeed. Please consider all this in 2006.

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