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Publicity: Repeat for Results

As I plan for the coming year, one of my top goals is to actively seek publicity on a regular schedule. Publicity isn’t guaranteed. You can send several press releases and get few results. But one well-placed, well-timed release can result in thousands of dollars in new business. It has happened for me, and it can happen for you, too. But do not expect that writing and distributing one press release will be enough.

Just as with any other kind of marketing, publicity has to be done over and over again to continue getting results. I have also discovered that sending press releases regularly can help establish your expert reputation with the media, even if the releases aren’t used in stories. When they see your name come up, over and over again, in timely, well-written releases, they begin to think of you as an authority on your subject. And they will contact you when they need you.

So, send releases to local media to announce your workshops and speeches, and to television and radio stations to announce your availability to comment on timely news stories. Send announcements, articles and tips to print media such as newspapers and magazines. Do not send the same release over and over to the same media, but contact them with new and timely information.

You may have noticed that I used the word “timely” in several places. Timeliness is important. If your story has a hook that relates to current events, especially if it gives a new spin on an ongoing story, the media will be interested. Keep looking for timely tie-ins to get your story in the media.

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