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Search Engine Optimization 101 – The Importance of Linking Strategies

Linking web pages and web sites is a great way to generate traffic to your site and those in your social network. Links have a value in directing qualified users to your site. Using the correct form of linking strategies ensures that more qualified traffic is coming and going from your main destination.

Perform research and determine which linking strategies are best for you. Using any form of the backlink strategies will provide a broader audience for you to reach. Locate sites that are related to the content of what you have; performing a search for the same or similar key words will help you in accomplishing this. Then use that information to submit to them requesting to use your link on their page and in return you could do the same for them.

Allowing both of you to win and generate more traffic to each site. Linking strategies are important in that form a more efficient way to advertise and promote your site. People aren’t always going to flourish to your site just because they located it on a search engine.

If they are reading an article or a blog and see a word hyperlinked that need or desire more information on and click that word, they could be directed to your site. How does it feel to know that you could have lost that person because you didn’t use the proper linking strategies? Linking is essential in obtaining customers and spreading the news about your site. The internet is a big pond and you are one little fish. If you don’t use links all over the place you will be eaten by a shark that does!

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