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Search Engine Optimization 202- How to Submit to Web Directories

After you have completed your website design you need to submit it to a web directory for acceptance. There are simple ways of doing this. Firs you need to review your site. Make sure that everything is updated and adequate.

Choose the directories that you will be submitting to. You will need to locate the category and subcategory that is best related to your site. Read and understand the directories rules and guidelines on how to submit to them. Each may vary a little in how they want this process done.

Make sure you follow them precisely. Practically all directories will ask for the title of your site and a description of it when you are submitting. Position some thought in creating these, because they can drastically boost or decrease the amount of traffic you’ll get from the directory.

Keep your description short 10-25 words are best; use the words that best descriptor your site and find a way to make it sound like a neutral evaluation. If possible, view other sites similar to yours to see how they describe it, if you are having trouble that is. After completion of all the necessary information check it over for any errors. Make sure that your URL is exactly as you need it to be.

Then simply hit the submit button. If your site is approved you will get an Email stating so, however, if you don’t get an Email your site was most likely rejected. You should give it at least a few weeks before you contact them asking about your site. Understand that they too are very busy!

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