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Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Search Engine Optimization is an always changing process due to various reasons. The search engines frequently inform webmasters that they should not worry about search engine optimization and that the webmasters should simply focus on building a clean coded website and ensure that original and quality content is added to their website.

Certainly both items mentioned are important parts of the search engine optimization process however it does not end there unlike what the search engines might tell you.

Webmasters and search engine optimization specialists are constantly changing their SEO strategies as the search engines change the way they rank websites several times a year. It has become a vital part of marketing online.

Black hat search engine optimization is one of the main reasons why search engines change their algorithms. Black hat techniques are tricks which webmasters and dodgy search engine optimization firms perform to a website so that a search engine is tricked into ranking that website higher in the SERPS.

Search engine algorithms are basically the formula which a search engine like Google uses to rank a certain website in comparison to others. This search engine algorithm is closely guarded by a search engine as webmasters would abuse the algorithm so that their own website would rank higher in a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

A good example of black hat search engine optimization was when webmasters stuffed their Meta tags with keywords so that their website or a particular webpage would seem more relevant to a certain keyword. This was obviously not in the interest of the search engine user as they ranking of that website or page merely on the merit of the Meta tags led to many non relevant or bad quality sites to rank high in the SERPS.

Another famous black hat SEO trick is to stiff a white section on a web page with keywords using white letters. This did work at one time and it was ideal for webmasters as the reader could not see the unnecessary keywords stuffed together on the webpage. However as always the search engines discovered this black hat search engine optimization trick and put counter measures in place.

Please note that any website caught by a search engine for using these black hat optimization methods could be delisted by the search engine. Google is known especially for finding these black hat search engine optimization methods and have thrown out many website from their engine. You can ask to be re-included however that process can be lengthy and the website needs to remove all its black hat methods.

Google took the lead and changed their algorithm in the first example of black hat SEO (stuffing Meta tags) so that the Meta tags would no longer play an important part in the way that a website would be ranked. Most search engines have since followed the same direction as Google did. Well if the Meta tags were important before as a search engine optimization tool for webmasters then what is important now?

That is exactly what all the big fuss and secrecy is about with search engine optimization. Each time a SE (search engine) changes their algorithm then website owners and website marketing companies which includes search engine optimization firms will use their resources to discover what the algorithm is so that they can change their site for better rankings.

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