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SEO For Blogs – On-Page SEO Tips For WordPress Blogs

SEO (search engine optimization) & blogs (especially wordpress) go very well together. Because the link structure of wordpress is optimum for search engine spiders to crawl & regularly updating nature of blogs is what search engines love.

On-page SEO means the way the site or blog is being built, such as the layout, the linking structure, the title text, meta description. This may sound like basic information but without it, it’s like a building with a weak foundation – which won’t last long.

Using SEO title plugin, you can put the title of your blog in your title text automatically, right in front of the name of your blog. This is important as the search engines read from left to right, just like humans.

Putting the name of your blog post in title text makes it easier for them to crawl & know exactly what your site is about.

So when you post on your blog, remember to put the keyword in the name of your post & it would automatically appear in your title text.

Link structure is another thing that search engine spiders & even human visitors would use to determine what your blog post is about.

A neat link structure would tell the search engines clearly what the post is about & for humans, it would be easier to remember a neat link structure.

blog.com/p?2395 vs blog.com/name-of-post  Just look at these 2 links & determine which you’ll remember easier. Obviously the second link, right?

So just put yourself in your visitors’ shoes, when a visitor remembers a link, even if he forgot to bookmark it, he can still come back to it. Repeat visitors will eventually build you a more loyal reader base.

After you build a really strong following of reader, advertisers & merchants will chase after you to pay you for advertising. There’ll also be more ways you can monetize your blogs as you build more readers.

“Build it & they’ll come!” – that’s a half truth! The reality is “build it well & the targeted visitors will come.”

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