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SEO-Friendly Blogs – How To Make Your WordPress Blog SEO-Friendly

First & foremost, search engines already love blogs, especially wordpress blogs. Why? Because of the way the links are being structured, the constantly updated content & much more.

WordPress out of the box, without a single modification or module (a.k.a plugin) is already good for SEO (search engine optimization). Now just imagine how much better it would be if you just took a little time to make a few simple modifications. It’s way simpler than you think, cost you nothing & you can set it & forget it.

The first thing to do, is to update your permalink structure.

Go to your ftp, chmod your .htaccess file into 666.Go to your wordpress admin panel, click on options, then click on modify link structure.Select custom link structure then add /%postname into the box.

Here’s what you just did, now your link looks like blog.com/name-of-post instead of blog.com/p?1. Just compare & see which looks more professional to a reader’ eyes. It does help search engines identify what your blog post is about.

Next you want to add a plugin to your wordpress blog. Search for seo title tag plugin. What this plugin does is that, it puts the title of your post in front of your title text rather than the name of your blog in front of your title text.

Once again, you’re making things easier for search engines to identify what your blog post is about. This in turn will put you in front of what exactly people are searching for.

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