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Shutterchance Photo Blogging

A new company has been set up by four photographers dedicated to meeting the needs of photography enthusiasts seeking to showcase their work online without all the hassle of internet programming.

shutterchance.com offers a trendy photoblog hosting service. The minimalist design and easy to use interface combine to provide a stylish online platform allowing photography enthusiasts’ to readily showcase their work. The focus of shutterchance is to create a community that helps photographers share and improve their work Whereas traditional blogs (i.e. web-logs) are online journals focusing on the text, a photoblog focuses on the image. These journals are intended to allow the author to express to the general public their situation at that point in time, and in the case of photoblogging always allow for the general public to comment back on the image displayed.

Photoblogs have become very popular recently and are enabling photographers to exhibit their work to a large audience. The commentary by other photobloggers motivates photographers to constantly strive to improve the quality whilst the expectation by the public to periodically post new photos ensures the photographer gets the practice.

shutterchance is a new photoblog hosting company, focusing its efforts on building a community and helping its photographers improve. It does not view its photographers as stand alone bloggers; it views them as part of the family. When new members sign up they are pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction they get from other members and the shutterchance team.

John Claeys, Director of shutterchance, says: “At shutterchance we have a team that is focused on our members. We have Jide Alakija, a renowned photoblogger, who plays an integral role in ensuring that the needs of our photographers are met. It is simply a joy to see different cultures getting together to comment on photographs.”

Despite the idea only being agreed 4 months ago, shutterchance already has over 30 fully subscribed users based around the world from Alaska, through Brazil to Singapore, and even more users are signing up daily. With so many blog services out there it is refreshing to have a different take on things. The shutterchance website can be viewed at http://www.shutterchance.com

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