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Six Reasons to Start a Blog

Why should you start a Blog?

Weblogs – or blogs for short – are online journals and diaries which took off since the early nineties.Their fascination lies in the fact that through technology you can share your thoughts on anything with the world, instantly. This phenomenon gives people a voice. They can be heard and taken note of. It is a power that online tools provide in enhancing communication and understanding.

Many had thought that blogs are a passing fad. On the contrary, blogs are here to stay and new formats are continually being discovered for serving different purposes.

So why should you possibly consider starting a blog?

1) First of all it is easy and free to start off. There are templates to choose from and step by step instructions that even the non techie can follow. A very popular setup software is at www.blogger.com where you can build your very own blog in just 3 steps by following the instructions. Later on you can be more selective with other more sophisticated setups that offer more flexibility.

2) You may have an opinion on some issue that you like to express to generate feedback. The blog would be an excellent platform from where to expose your point of views on some matter. Once you build traffic, discussions among like-minded bloggers and blog readers will follow.

3) You may have good information in a particular field that you like to share. Do you have a special know-how on cooking Chinese dishes, growing bonsai trees, know of some sudoku tricks or even have experienced caring for a terminally sick person? Others would love to know about your expertise and experiences. Share them through a blog.

4) With a blog you can stay in touch with your family too.  Family blogs are a great way to interact with other family members through comments. Publishing of photos, videos or even audios of particular events in the family would be a great way to have a lively family album. This kind of blog can be setup to be seen by family members only through a password to be kept exclusively within the family circle. Family members who are out of reach through long distances would still feel connected through such a blog.

5) Show off your creativity with a blog. Whether you’re a poet, an artist, a comedian, or write short stories, you’ll have an outlet through blogging. In fact, blogs make it easier to reach more people. Besides, you never know when the right person might land on your blog and turn it from a hobby into a career.

6) And what about making a dime through blogs? Thanks to pay-per-click advertising programs such as Adsense (https://www.google.com/adsense/), and affiliate programs such as Amazon.com and Commission Junction (http://www.cj.com/), anyone can earn money through blogging. The only requirement for most of these programs is for you to have a website or blog. All you need is to setup a blog on a particular topic or niche of your choice and relate advertising accordingly.

You may like to check these blogs for some inspiration: http://letsbefriends.blogspot.com/ http://www.mywritingblog.com/ http://mindfulmomma.typepad.com/ http://nostalgicmalta.blogspot.com

Today, technology has provided us with a tool that has become an extension of our thoughts.

I’m sure that Samuel Pepys would have loved to blog his antics during his 11 odd years journaling away…

…as a matter of fact someone else did that for him – and a great job he did too. Check the site at http://www.pepysdiary.com/

Need to know how to make money from your blog? I highly recommend a very good resource for you at http://samba.mary.googlepages.com/blogbucks

Get your blog to earn you a passive income now.

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