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Small Business Blogging: 10 Ways to Use Blogs to Increase Business

Business Week magazine has claimed, “blogs will change your business.”? The Wall Street Journal has stated “the blog as business tool has arrived”.? Yet, less than 10% of small businesses use blogs to promote their products and services.? This cost-effective promotional tool is more often overlooked, rather than used to its full potential.

While millions of people are starting blogs, both personal and professional, those who use to blogs to promote small businesses are still very much in the minority.? Creating a blog, and keeping it updated allows you to stand out as an informational resource in your field, a powerful perception in your customers’ eyes.

Here are some strategies for using blogs as a promotional platform for virtually any business.

If you’re hosting an upcoming sale or special promotion, gather the details, and post them to your blog.? This lets customers know when to take advantage of the discounts.

If you want to move a specific product, post a tip on how to use it, or include a picture of a completed project.? Then let customers know they can get that product from you.

If you’re interested in enticing more teens into your store, give a teen “guest blogging” privileges, and have her post her top five favorite products each month.

Keep your content fresh with timely announcements, such as when the new service is available, or when a new employee has been added to your staff.

Offer reminders: when class registrations start, and end; holiday countdowns; and saving items for an upcoming charity drive.

Advise customers when products sell out, or are backordered

Tempt customers with listings of new product arrivals.
Report on the latest scoop from trade shows (these can even be blogged while on the road!)

Educate your customers with links to helpful informational websites and project instructions.

Open a discussion: ask customers to post their favorite organizational tips in the Comments section, for instance.? Or offer a question of the week, and encourage customers to respond online.

Many small business owners struggle with too much to do, and not enough time. Although creating and maintaining a blog is easy, many professionals don’t have the time to dedicate to researching the how-to.? For these situations, consider seeking out a marketing consultant who can walk you through the steps of setting up a blog.? Setting up a blog is an easy task that takes 15 minutes to complete.? From there, a blog marketing consultant can help you better understand how to use the blog to most effectively market your business.

Ready to set up your own blog and start marketing to your customers?? Freelance writer Angie Pedersen provides blog consulting and marketing communication services for the craft industry. She has written articles on blogging for both trade and consumer magazines, and edits three professional blogs. For writing services and blog marketing advice contact Angie/at/onescrappysite.com or http://scrapbookmarketing.com/blog.

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