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Smart Media Communications; Part 1 Introduction

One of the most powerful things you can do to promote your business or project to the general public is to secure publicity at the local, regional and national level.  Very few people know how to get publicity, how to write a press release, where to send it to get the right decision-maker looking at it to book an interview.  Getting publicity is not that difficult if you know how to write a professional press release and where to send it for coverage.

The reason people get publicity is that they have done something worthwhile, something beneficial to people, something that will improve people’s health and well being or provide information that will make them smarter, better consumers.  Getting coverage by the media is simply a way of telling the world you did something worthwhile or great.  And if your story/topic benefits people, newspapers, radio and TV stations will cover you.  Why? The media wants to benefit their audience with informative, sensational or controversial news and information and they are always looking for story ideas!

Many people fail to realize that the media must fill up print and airtime with topics that interest their readers, listeners and viewers.  Without people, the media would just be static on the TV.   What most don’t realize is that the media is always looking for people to interview for newspaper articles, radio talk shows and TV appearances.  In fact, they need you and your story almost as much as you need them. This is especially true during the summer months when many media staff are on vacation and audiences are lower due to good weather.  Even during the summer months, publicity can put you, your business and your product in front of millions of people who may be interested in your offering, service or special cause.

There are 30 major cities in the U.S. known as the TOP-30 media markets.  Areas like New York, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, etc.  These population centers have in excess of one million people and getting publicity in them is like hitting a home run considering that paying for the same exposure through advertising would costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Publicity is not free because it requires your time to develop the press releases, contact the media, send out the releases, follow up and perform the interview.  But that is small change compared to the effect publicity can have on your cause.

Because publicity is so important to almost everyone and especially small businesses I will be writing the Smart Media Communications series in the coming days.  This series will cover the fundamental issues you need to know to get the publicity you are seeking and will cover the areas of the media markets, writing press releases, contacting the media, how to schedule talk show interviews, how to do national radio talk show interviews from home and much, much more.  So if this is something of interest to you, keep your eyes on my articles because I intend to release the series throughout week December 18-23.  There will be lots of good information to help you.

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