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Social Web and Impact on Your Marketing Strategy

Saturday Jun 17/06 by Hendry Lee in Business Blogging

The social web, especially blogs, have improved to a stage where there are success stories of solopreneurs, small businesses to Forbes 500 companies adopting the technology to their marketing mix. We can witness this on a daily basis.

For companies who have to convince senior managers, who don’t understand the social aspects of their web presence, Jim Nail has an article giving the detail to support this pitch.

Consumers are embracing the social web – 44 percent of American Internet users read and post on blogs, discussion boards and other consumer-generaed media outlets, according to Pew Internet and American Life project.
Consumers find the last bastion of trust: each other – The word of mouth extends beyond friends, relatives, coleagues to include online sources like discussion boards. This is based on a study conducted by Forrester Research in 2004.
Social marketing strategies drive business results – Senior executives want tangible results. If you can show ROI to your marketing, then this is the strongest point to offer. Unfortunately it is not always easy to give exact numbers when tapping into social web. But certainly you can measure the effect by monitoring the conversation, dig into your web metrics and the interaction on the blog itself. Probably some examples like eBay vs. Wal-Mart, Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble, Intuit, Initiative Media and others will help. Social web have been used to drive revenue, reduce cost and help companies to achive their business goals.
Source: iMediaConnection.

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