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The 3 Kind of Bloggers

In this world there are 3 kind of people. One is the kind that seems to succeed in everything they do without making too much of an effort. It is as if the big guy up there likes them a lot so they face minimal obstacles in what ever they do and when to do, there seems to an invisible hand guiding them so they seldom go in the wrong direction.

Another is the kind that succeed because they persisted and believed that they could succeed through proper planning and implementation. These kind of people do a lot of research before doing anything. laying out their Master plan, scrutinizing it over and over again to make sure they have not missed out any details, no matter how small or how minute. These people also makes it good in life without much regrets because of their detailed planning.

There is yet the third kind, that also works just as hard but never seems to get their deserved remuneration. These are called the “blind flies” They fly everywhere, appearing very busy, but at the end of the day, what they got are just crumbs. They try to do what the second kind has done without knowing what they second kind has planned before doing. They follow hardily on everything the second kind has done because most of the time, after succeeding, the second kind will be kind enough to tell the world what he did to become what he is. So, this third kind follows blindly, hoping to achieve the same results. Sadly almost every time, like a blind fly, without a properly laid out sense of direction, they fail.

Now, in the blogosphere, there are also 3 kinds of blogger. One is the kind like XiaXue, whom I figure everyone have heard of, and KennySia whom I also figure everyone in the Malaysian and Singaporean blogosphere knows. I bet there are many more like them albeit not so well known but just as successful. These kind of blogger don’t need to put in very much effort in their blogs and they can have more than 10 to 20 thousand people visiting their blogs daily listening to them rant about their daily lives right down to their shitting habits. They are the ones that the Guy above have an eye over.

The second kind of blogger are the big time blogger like Problogger, Dosh Dosh, CopyBlogger, John Chow and many many others that we go for tips everyday. These blogger plan out their blog’s journey to success meticulously. Doing all the research necessary and implementing their plans step by step to ensure nothing goes wrong and if it indeed goes wrong they always have Plan B on standby. They have a clear vision on how to take their blogs to the next level.

Lastly, we come to the “blind flies” of the blogosphere. Bloggers like me. I am not going to say you and me. I say bloggers like me. You decide for yourself if you are like me. Bloggers like me have a wish, not a vision. We wish our blogs can be as successful as the first two kind. We wish someone above will give us a helping hand when we write an article deemed “kickass” by us, and send thousands of visitors over to our blogs and all of them gets hooked by that article that they keep coming back even if I wrote how I shat everyday after that day.

We also wish that after doing what the bog time bloggers did, like submitting our blogs to Search Engines, listing them in various Blog Directories, joining some Blog Carnivals and even go to more extreme steps like paying for reviews and Advertisements to get our blogs noticed, we can sit back, shake our legs and 10 thousand people will come clamouring to our blogs.

As if the laws of nature is such, bloggers like me, seldom ever achieve great success. The most we can claim is maybe some artificial fame created by the people around us or within our blog circle, praising our every small achievements thereby creating a false ego, leading us to cheat ourselves that indeed we are a successful blogger when in fact, we know for ourselves that we are not, because after checking our stats for ninth time everyday, the figure rarely exceeds four.

Blogger like us are always stumped by this peculiar result. In all honesty, we have done 70% of what was thought by those successful ones as bloggers like us never do everything thought a 100%. We keep wishing that one day we will hit the jackpot and we wake up one day to see our blogs flooded with 10 thousand visitors. Unfortunately, the day never seems to come and the wish never seems to materialize. So we keep hopping over to the second kind’s blog everyday, hoping to catch the ultimate tip that would not cost us a dime, easy to implement and guaranteed results. We scour the Net looking for that unanswered prayer. We look high and low for the hidden clue and amidst all the frustrations of not finding what we set out to find, amidst all the anger and the feeling of injustice, we totally overlook one very important place. We forgot to look within ourselves.

My name is Costa and I am from a small country in South East Asia called Malaysia. I maintain 3 active blogs relating to different issues. Sometimes I blog with my pen name, Ah Pek. http://blogigs.com
tries to reveal the idiosyncrasies and hypocrisies that people go through to get their blogs popularized. http://www.ahpek.com is my personal blog where i rant and ramble about everyday issues. http://louyeh.com
is a social and business blog discussing about personal development, making a living, education, doing business and many DIY and home maintenance tips. I do lots of reviews for various Companies there.

If you enjoyed what you have read, feel free to drop by any one of my blogs.

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