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The Basic First Steps of Blogging – Learn From The Expert!

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere deep in the mountains, you’ve heard about the web log or “blog.”  If you’ve added a website to your business’ marketing strategy, go ahead and take the next step and add a blog.

A website is most commonly a way for your potential clients to be introduced to your products or services.  A blog takes the business relationship to the next level by encouraging a more personal connection between your business, your sales associates, your products or services, and the consumer.

Don’t know what you’d say in your blog?  Try this.  Do a search for a product or service in your industry and add the term “blog.”  So, for example, if you are a real estate agent, do a web search for “real estate blogs.”

Before jumping to the blogs, note how many blogs there are in your results.  A hundred?  A thousand?  Probably many thousands, depending on your industry.

Now, select what looks like a promising blog and visit it.  Examine the layout of the blog.  See how it’s different from a traditional website?  Blogs are less formal than websites and are often have more text than you might usually see.  The blogs are organized into “posts” which are then organized by date.

See the date on the blog?  Most well-maintained blogs are updated at least once a week.  Read the post.  Did it give you an insight into that business’s workings?  Do you have an idea of the individual’s personality?  Take a client’s perspective.  Would you be more or less likely to work with this business or individual after reading their blog?

The beauty of a blog is that by providing additional, more personal information, your potential clients are in effect “pre-selling” themselves before they’ve ever seen your products.

A client is more likely to spend money with businesses and individuals they feel comfortable with.  The blog is enabling this more personal and meaningful communication between you and your customers.  Once you establish that connection, capitalize from it by selling them those powerful and effective products and services you’ve worked so hard to promote.

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