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The Blog as a Real Estate Tool

It is a commonly heard maxim in the search engine optimization game: if you want to increase traffic to your website, attach a blog and start posting. Indeed, fresh and relevant content is important in helping a website achieve high search rankings in Google and Yahoo Search, and a weblog allows even the novice Web user to write and publish with ease. Timely content that otherwise would not fit on a standard website fits right into a blog, and as search engines give blogs more attention as they cache information, Web users are likely to find what they need via the millions of active bloggers out there.

But weblogs aren’t just for posting odd news bytes and embedded code for funny videos. Weblogs can become an important marketing tool for any business owner. Real estate agents in particular may find using a weblog can draw in prospective home buyers seeking information on a particular neighborhood. There are a number of ways a Realtor can benefit by taking the time between open houses to blog:
Sell your neighborhood: Who knows more about the area than the person who sells homes there? A blog allows you the opportunity to talk up the neighborhoods, schools, and businesses. If there are local events and festivals going on, be sure to mention them, as the keywords might attract visitors to your site who may be influenced by your writing to look more into where you sell.
Brag: Did you sell a newly married couple their first home? Did you help an empty nester transition into something cozy? Talk about it. Adding a human experience and anecdotes to your blog offers a new dimension to your site that can attract home buyers. People will want to be comfortable with the agent they choose, so invite them in and show them how you have helped others.
Advise: As a Realtor, you are an expert in your field, and what better way to continue your work by helping others understand what it is that you do. Dispel home buying myths, decipher legalese, and build a trust that will encourage clients to call.
Attract: If you blog on a regular basis and attract a readership, you can set up your blog to allow subscribers. This in turn gives you an attentive, opt-in audience to which you can offer news on listings and other information.

As a marketing tool, a real estate weblog can generate interest in your listings, and your services.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer whose work on real estate and travel has appeared on websites for    [http://www.cbtitlegroup.com] Cliff Bernstein of CB Title Group, ExclusiveTenantRep.com, specializing in    [http://www.exclusivetenantrep.com] tenant rep services for Virginia, and The Camellia Rose Inn, a    [http://www.camelliaroseinn.com] Florida bed and breakfast situated in the historic Gainesville area.

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