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The Blogospher Saga Continues

The Blogosphere culture is becoming one of the priority marketing tools in business. Many industries, especially those who venture on sales, are relying their promotions and advertising on the “word-of-the-mouth” strategy. And this kind of marketing tool has proven very effective that many corporations are willing to spend their money on.

This is true and many companies are building their own site on the Internet just to monitor how effective blogging is for their products and services. I have discussed the value of blogging before and I would like to update it with the following facts I have recently read about the importance of the unstoppable growing Blogosphere culture in the market:

1. Blogging has become the “saving ground” of companies whose Marketing and/or Public Relations department/s failed to do their tasks.

Many businesses are resorting to blogs when they realized that there is no hope relying on Marketing and PR alone. Besides, blogging seem to combine both PR and Marketing tasks. Somehow, blogging holds this simple equation:

BLOG ABOUT THE PRODUCT FORMULA: advertise + promote = sales

This will automatically save you from making any PR efforts and Marketing plans. When you blog, you also promote and advertise in a very discreet way. A blogger will never look like a salesman towards its readers. This is because a blogger talks based from experience and not from what he has read about the product. For example, www.mobileweblog.com’s review on N90 is all about from the user experience. The blog was supplemented with pictures taken from the phone camera and is matched up with what the author likes about the phone. The readers of this blog do not only have access to the features of N90 but also have been supplemented with opinions from the author, which will help them in making their “purchasing” decisions. No wonder when you search the Internet regarding a certain product, you get tons of product reviews and blogs from different web pages. The result of what search engines give is just a living proof that blogging has become a very effective tool for marketing and publicizing a certain product.

2. The results of blogging are stunningly fast and proven very effective.
When it comes to getting more public and achieving sales, there is nothing more effective than blogging. Well for most companies, this fact holds true. Many observed that blogging could doubly do the task of any PR pros and Marketers. Online, the “word-of-the-mouth” spreads quickly. Reaching to blogs will get a lot of work done. The Ripple Effects Interactive, a Web advertising firm in Pittsburgh, for example, tried to reach out to 25 blogs and they amazing been mentioned out to over 250 blogs after. Their little PR effort of getting their company into blogs gave them outstanding results.

3. Many companies already build up their own blogging sites and are spending huge money over them.

Many corporations who could not get over with the Blogosphere phenomenon are building their own blogs. They also hire and pay individuals who could relay their experience through blogging. Just like the Pennsylvania Tourism Office who have spent $1000 per excursion to individuals who could write their experiences and upload photos and videos they took on their excursion.

Blogging shows that the “word-of-the-mouth” strategy is valid to readers. There is nothing more effective than hearing the truth from a third party. Thus, many companies are trying to pay individuals who would try on making experiences about their products and write about it on the company’s behalf.

The Blogosphere phenomenon has become a useful and effective tool for Marketing and Public Relations. It was just recently that the blogging culture has taken the Internet by storm and now it is growing fast and is changing fast. From being a separate and revolutionary medium over the traditional press, blogging has found its way integrated with PR and Marketing. Many corporations are now open to the idea of blogging because it does a lot of uses. And I think that this is just a beautiful start between the Blogosphere culture and the business industry.

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