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The Importance of Choosing a Good WordPress Theme and Widgets

Nowadays, nearly everyone can set up their own wordpress Blog. Many ebooks, audio and video guides have been created to help newbies set up their wordpress blogs. However, setting up a domain name, hosting and installing the wordpress script is only one part of the blogging process. A good blog not only offers great content to its readers but should also have an easy to navigate layout and widgets that help both readers and the blogger.

A blog’s layout should allow the reader to easily search for postings, read recent comments and sift through blog categories. The layout should be uncluttered and fast to load.

Most blog themes have two or three columns, with the main post in the central main column and the other columns are for navigation, links and inserting other codes. For the blogger, a good layout should also be easy to edit, does not break in different browsers, and give ample space for the blogger to add his own codes such as banners and opt-in forms.

Blog themes should also reflect the niche you’re promoting. Most computer or technology-related blogs like to use web 2.0 themes to appear more modern and ‘technological’. Internet marketing blogs usually have photos of the owner on the header to promote trust, friendliness and familiarity amongst readers. Other niches such as blogs relating to pets, personal blogs and other niches sometimes have photos of the niche they are promoting, such as photos of dogs for a blog on dogs or some exotic destinations.

The important thing is that the blog themes do not disrupt the main content of the blog and do not appear too cluttered. Colors for themes should also be chosen carefully, according to the niche it promotes. Images for headers should be tasteful and not slow-loading.

Widgets for wordpress codes can be divided into two types, one to ease the blogger and the other for the reader’s use. WordPress widgets that help the blogger would be those that help save and manage the blog databases, help bloggers to easily upload image, audio or video, make posting more efficient, moderate comments and spam and smooth the administrative functions of the blog.

Widgets that help readers are the ones that allow readers to easily subscribe to the blog feeds, allow readers to bookmark the blog or add it to social bookmarking sites, easily allow readers to submit comments without having to wait for manual approval and makes it easier for readers to navigate the blog.

Whilst unique content is king, choosing the right theme and widgets for your blog will make your blogging activities easier and may add that extra traffic and income to your blog.

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