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The Seven Ways to Be a Master Blogger

Read a blog lately? Were you inspired? Did you feel that you can provide a better perspective of current events, of topics that are demanding to be discussed or you just plainly feel that you have an edgier style in writing that will not only inform but will also entertain?

Well now, join the bandwagon and be a blogger yourself. However, before you rant and rave of trivial and imperative matters, you need to know the seven ways to be a master blogger. Excited, are you? Oh, just read below!

First, you need to commit! As you know, no one will ever succeed in any endeavor without commitment. You should commit in blogging at least one post per day. I know it is hard but by doing this it will be second nature that you go online and pour your heart out to countless readers online. If you do not have this, then quit! Just joking, rather, try hard to commit.

Second, you should know what youre saying! It is quite alluring to read about nonsensical blogs once in a while, but a blogger who continues to write without any knowledge of the subject matter at all is a fool. How would you expect your readers to listen if you continue to write without proper research, unless your argument though false seems to be true for the commoner? So doing research is important, unless your blogging only about yourself.

Third, be versatile! Your blog should cater to all demographic. So once in a while, it will not hurt that you blog about significant issues in politics or current events. You should write these in a serious tone, whereas for your not so significant articles, the tone should be lighter. This way your readers would feel that you are a well-rounded blogger.

Fourth, your blogging should entertain! This is such an important aspect, because most readers go online to be entertained, to escape from a hard days work. So, your writing style should be effectively entertaining. The only way to achieve this is by practicing your writing style, by re-reading your previous articles to see what it lacked and by listening to third partys comments.

Fifth, be original! I cannot stress the fact that plagiarism will take you nowhere. Your ideas should be your own, you may tweak point of views that you might have read online during some research, but never ever copy and paste. You should believe in the ideas that you will put out into the void.

Sixth, expand your blogger network and respond to readers comment. Expanding your blogger network will not only help improve your blogging by reading others work but it will link you to other bloggers that already has a wide fan-base, hence their readers may also view your blog site. Now, responding to blog articles in your site is also a good idea, as well as responding to dominating comments. By this, your readers will feel that you acknowledge their efforts.

Seventh, you should be actively participating in forums or blog articles of your interest! By this you are indirectly advertising your own blog by stating your views in response to the issues presented and better yet you may catch an idea for your next blog article. Importantly, readers will know that you exist in the vast blogging world.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published ebooks.

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