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The Truth Behind Coastal Vacations Press Releases

Press releases are literary compositions submitted to the press for distribution by companies and individuals with news worthy content. The releases usually contain creditable information about the release of a new product, expansion etc.

As time has gone by the notion to marketers in small business that the news released needs to be worthy of promotion seems to be dwindling. This method of advertising is rapidly developing into a cunning method of self promotion.

Press releases distributed by some of the larger well known distribution companies have the ability of getting the release indexed on the first page of ‘Google’ in a matter of hours. For this reason, some marketers are distributing them numerous times per month and dare I say it per week for the exposure.

Many business opportunities on the internet follow guidelines set forth by the company they are representing. In the case of coastal vacations where no policy and procedures are present, any individual is able to release as many press releases about anything as they feel fit with impunity.

The larger question is whether the companies releasing press releases are now releasing anything and everything because they are being compensated monetarily and is this leading to a dilution of news worthy content available on the internet?

Will there come a time when the public will simply not take press releases seriously as the content becomes unreliable and of so poor and repetitive quality.

For those marketers who are using press releases as almost their sole method of getting their word out, are they are doing a disservice to their team members, as this method of promotion is not duplicable by the masses?

Would it not be more beneficial for the future growth of the team if the sponsor would distribute marketing and advertising articles with satisfying and trustworthy substance as opposed to self promoting keyword rich non-newsworthy repetitive releases?

Just a thought.

Entrepreneur Maria Porter has been Online since 2000 specializing in Coastal Vacations Business Opportunity full time since 2001.

She is also the creator of http://www.2ezbiz.org

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