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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for your Business Blog

When I first started with my WordPress blog I didn’t realise there were so many additional features that you can add to the blog. Here’s a list of the ten plugins I’ve found most useful in the blog for my travel business.

1 Subscribe to comments – This allows readers to receive updates on any comments made on a post, so they can keep in touch with ongoing discussions. You want to get readers involved with your posts so this is plugin is essential.

2 Adsense Deluxe – This makes it easier to manage your Adsense ads in your blog. If you decide that it makes sense for you to have Google Ads on your blog, this plugin will make your life simpler.

3 Chicklet Creator – A simple way to add feed buttons to your blog to make it easy for readers to subscribe to your blog.

4 Related posts – A list of 3 posts which are related to each post appears under each post, enabling blog visitors to read more about a topic of interest.

5 Message for new readers –  A message welcomes new readers and asks if they would like to subscribe to the blog.

6 Category Cloud – Instead of a list of categories in sidebars, you have a cloud with different font sizes depending on the number of posts in each category. It looks much more attractive than a list.

7 Sociable – Members of social networking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon to can easily tag your post.  You want to encourage readers to submit posts to these sites and it can give your post wider exposure.

8 Google Sitemap – The site map makes it easier for your blog to be indexed by the major search engines.

9 Simple Tags –   A simple method of adding Technorati tags to your posts so that the main blog search engine, Technorati, can catergorise your posts.

10 Feedburner Smith – detects all the ways to access your blog feed allowing Feedburner to track your subscribers.   You want to have as much information as possible about subscribers and which posts are most popular.

Karen Bryan authors Business Blog Boost, http://www.businessblogboost.com , a blog to help businesses use blogging to market their business.  Karen wants to pass on the benefit of her experience blogging for her travel business, http://www.europealacarte.co.uk/blog to help you boost your business with a blog.

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