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Traffic Creation – Creating Traffic Using Press Releases

Press releases are fast taking the place of articles as website marketing tool. Just like articles, press releases could generate high quality targeted traffic to your website. And anyone in the field of online marketing knows that it is targeted traffic that matters. Let us have a look at the benefits of using press releases to generate traffic for your online business.

• Just like articles, press releases also create hundreds of backlinks to your site. When you distribute press releases to all the major news wire services on the internet, you are actually creating an avenue to get links back from all the high ranking websites. Like any other article directories, news wire sites are also ranked high on the search engines. Sites with similar content would pick your press releases creating more back links to your site.

• The more back links you get, the more highly your site would be placed in the search engine rankings and the higher your site is ranked the more traffic you can expect from search engines.

• With constant bombardment of your press release you keep your website constantly fresh in the minds of people related to your niche. This is one of the fundamentals of marketing. You have to keep your product and service fresh in the minds of the people who are your potential customers. So, the next time they would need something related to your niche, they will remember your website and return to make a purchase.

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