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Turn Your Blog a Big Success

It is a dream of every blogger to make his or her blog read by more and more people. Making a blog popular requires continuous effort. A popular blog earns big money for its owner by way of advertisements and affiliate networks. You may be posting very interesting subjects in your blog, which people are eager to know more. But you need to strategically position your blog to catch the attention of potential readers. For this, you need to build links with other websites or blogs with a higher page rank. Building one-way links with a higher page rank page is a sure way to catch the attention of search engines.

? Using Your Feed Effectively

One way to promote your blog is to make it easily subscribed. Each and every blog will have a unique xml feed containing the posts details. This feed enables other people who are interested in your blog to subscribe your feed in their website or their news reader. Just add your blog url to services like feedburner.com. It will generate another URL for you, which contains xml feed of all the postings you have in your blog. Now, people can subscribe this feed with various readers. With feedburner.com account, you can watch how your readership grows.

Maintaining Your Blog

1. To sustain the popularity of your blog, you must post fresh messages in definite time intervals.

2. Provide useful information as much as possible.

3. Let your blog be interactive. This means, readers can add their comments on your posts. Blogs should of conversation nature. This makes the blog very lively.

4. Visit other blogs of similar nature and try to find out how they manage to keep their blogs lively.

5. Always provide a personal touch in your blogs.

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