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Using Audio Podcasting for Your Blog or Website

It is amazing how simple it is to pod cast.? All that is required is a computer, a telephone and a place to upload your pod cast to an internet web site.? For starters you will want to have a fast connection to the internet.? You can establish a free account with www.freeconferencecall.com and by doing that you will have a conference bridge where you can have the person you are interviewing meet you there.

Once you are on the conference bridge you will be able to start recording the call.? After the call is complete you will be sent an e-mail with a link to a download a copy of the call in a .wav file format which can then be turned into an MP3 audio file. If you like what you hear then you have success.

Another way to go is to purchase your own recording device for your laptop like a Digital Logger.? I have had success with them however, I feel that I am getting better audio quality using www.freeconferencecall.com especially when it comes to volume control.

When you age a little more advanced you can think about? “double ending” where one person on one end of the call can record their voice and the other can record their voice then you can edit the two together side by side and edit out the talking over one another and the hum’s, ah’s and clearing of throats.

Once the file is on your computer you will have the ability to edit the file.? There are several different audio editing suites available today and many that offer trial downloads so you can get a feel for them.? Keep in mind that there is a little bit of a learning curve to master the audio editing software but once you have spent some time with it, it becomes easy to master.

Once you are satisfied with your final product you can upload to your web server and put on your web site.? If you intend to distribute through syndication on the net then you might want to consider a host that specializes in distributing pod casts at a high rate of speed.? The last thing you will want to do is have your website become slow because too many people are downloading all at the same time.

It is also advisable to purchase an auxiliary drive.? Good drives are available for short money at CMSProducts.com and that will also include the back up software so you are really purchasing extra disk space as well as the ability to keep the audio files off of your hard drive.? You might want to think about ordering a drive that is 2X bigger than your laptop hard drive since audio files tend to take up a lot of space and you will have room to grow.

The name of the game to pod casting is to just do it and then get more sophisticated as you grow.? The last step is distribution and getting the rest of the world to know about your pod casts and we will cover in the next article.

Jim Peake is the founder of http://www.mysuccessgateway.com a small business and entrepreneur network that provide instant access to tools for success including postcast. http://www.mysuccessgateway.com uses podcast interviews to share information to the given market.? Jim has a long background in the internet and sold the web site design, development and concept to IBM for the chess event Kasparov vs. Deep Blue back in 1996.

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