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Using Online Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

One SEO strategy has always been to keep your eye on your competition. In fact many of the most successful of search engine optimization experts think nothing of regularly checking up on their competitor’s sites. Yet another reason you should be checking up on your competitor’s sites is to see how he or she may be employing your SEO techniques.

There are several programs and online tools that can help you keep informed about what the competition might be doing. The best ones are Competitio, Moreover and Knowledge Storm.  They allow you to track your competitor’s pages and will let you know when your rival makes changes to his or her site.This online program offers you a structured way to manage competitive knowledge so that your company makes the most of what is going on in your market It is an easy, confidential way to discover and share competitive information collaboratively across your organization as it helps you to send newsletters about what is going on to your affiliates or employees.

You can track what a competitor is doing and then write press releases of your own about their developments that have your own special spin.  You can offer a critique of what they are doing and say why your product or service is better on a blog. You can also research features offered by another product or service and see if what you are offering on your website has the same edge.

You can also scrape up any press releases about any new developments in your niche that might be published on your competitor’s site. You don’t want them to look more timely or up to date on the latest developments then you do.

Having accurate information about competitors could crucial to your company’s survival and this software helps you keep your enemies as close as you would your good friends by searching for information about what they are up to.

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