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Using Press Releases to Create Traffic Online

Originally Press releases were created to target effective communication between company PR departmental staff and the media. But now the scene has changed drastically. News has become the number one online destination for over 75 percent of the internet users. Hundreds of sites offer RSS feeds for press releases making it a tool to generate online traffic.

Today, a Press release is not only a means to disperse important commercial or marketable information, but it also creates outstanding prospects to pull incoming links to a website. There are some established wire services from where reliable news content can be easily taken. Some of these wire services are Business Wire, PR Newswire, PRWeb and Market Wire.

Many online businesses have started wallowing this opportunity to gain maximum exposure and increase their web presence. Here are some tips to further exploit the benefit of press releases.

1. Start with an appeal – Give interesting news to your readers, as boring stuff does not helps in getting a lot of traffic even if the content is highly optimized.

2. Optimize the content – Try to use primary keywords in the beginning of the press release and keep going down with secondary keyword phrases.

3. Distribute the news – Distributing the press release with the help of wire services is also a good option to allow the search engines filter out duplicate contents.

4. Add on’s- While issuing a press release make sure that you allow the reader the freedom to search for more options like research paper downloads, free trials, web seminars, reports, and newsletters. This will definitely carry forward the interest of the reader.

5. These tips if followed will surely give better results with using Press Releases to create traffic online!

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