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Video Blogging – Top Seven Tips to Successful Video Blogging

When video blogging is done correctly it can be the most powerful tool used to market your business.  Unfortunately, we have all seen them, poorly shot videos with unprofessional backgrounds and terrible lighting.  Not to mention the audio sounds like it was done while moving down the freeway.  Well, I have seven valuable tips to ensure this nightmare does not happen to you.  Let’s get started making your very own professional video blog.

1.  You need a camera.

Well this makes sense, you need a camera.  Any camcorder will do, I recommend using an introductory level Sony camcorder.  You can buy a tripod to allow your camera to sit near your desk to shoot your videos.


2.  You need a lavalier microphone.

You will need a professional lavalier microphone for close and clear audio.  These microphones are nice because they attach to your shirt and allow for body movement.  People watching will get a better idea of the message due to your body language.

3.  Highlight the most important.

Be sure to make yourself a bullet style note highlighting key points to discuss.  You can use a post it note and attach it to your camera or computer screen.  Glance at it to stay on track and remember your lines.

4.  If indoor, use bright lights.

When indoors, always remember to have a set of bright lights.  Other lighting tends to change the shade of your face, causing a blue or green hue.  If you do not use bright lights your picture will be dark and unclear.  You can use shop lights or go to a photography store to purchase lights.

5.  Please rehearse.

Practice makes perfect.  So please remember to rehearse what you need to say and record the best take you can.  Rehearsing can be a way to help break the ice and make you the most comfortable with your shot.

6.  Aspire to learn video software.

I highly recommend learning the video software to enable you to go back and edit mistakes made during the recording.  Editing is an essential part to mastering the video blogging techniques.

7.  Research the social networking of the video blogs.

Please do your research of the social network of MySpace, YouTube and other video blogs for ideas.



Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lindsey_Stewart


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