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What Is RSS – The Difference Between RSS And A Blog II

It can be updated regularly simply to post new pages that have been added to the site, or to provide updates to a news page on the site.? Whatever it is used for, a blog simply provides a page that provides additions to a web site, whether it is a news page or a content page.

There is actually no difference between a blog page on a website and any other page. You simply change the blog page and post it on the website.

On the other hand, an RSS feed is an XML format file.? The file contains content that can be anything whatsoever, but in website terms is often the contents of a blog page, or any other page on your web site.? It is always provided in XML format because it is read by RSS readers called ‘aggregators’ that are formatted by the users to display the content of the XML file in the format that they want to read it.

The difference between an RSS file and viewing your web page directly is that the RSS feed shows only the content without all the peripheral stuff that makes up a web page. Sure, you could use your blog rather than RSS, but with RSS your readers can read a lot more pages in a lot less time.? This provides you with potentially a lot more visitors in the time available.? However, you are not restricted to a choice between RSS and blogs.? You can have the best of both worlds and use both to promote your web site.

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