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What Should I Blog About?

What Is Your Blog About?

If you’re writing a personal blog, i.e. stuff about you, then you have many, many things to write about. Even if you don’t do anything all day you’ve still got plenty to write about. When you got up, what you had for breakfast, what the weather was like, how much junk mail you got, what you watched on tv etc.

However, not many people like reading blogs about other people, unless they’re famous, so if you’re like many other people and have a blog based on your website, your options can be slightly more difficult to see or imagine.

If You Own A Website

If you own your own website, you still have many things you can blog about. For example, have you written a new article recently? Post a commentary of it in your blog, with maybe a small snippet of the blog with a link back to it. For example, the title of the article and the first 100 words, then your commentary underneath. This also gives other people the opportunity to comment on your articles (If you want them to).
Perhaps you write a newsletter, why not talk about your recent newsletter edition, again with a link back to it.
Has something interesting happened in your industry recently? Don’t be so quick to say no. Even if you think you know it all, some things might slip under your nose. Go to google and type in whatever industry you’re in and “news”, for example ” internet technology news “.
Perhaps you can comment on some previous news in the past, comment on how it is effecting the present and how it will effect the future.

Something that I like to do frequently, is a brain storm. I write down every word relating to my website and industry that I can think of and maybe write a word or 2 relating to those words. Eventually, you’ll have a LOT of words, read through them and occasionally you’ll get a spark of an idea, write it down and keep going until you’ve got several ideas. That should give you a few topics to write about.

If all else fails, you can go to some free article directories and take a few articles from there. The benefit is that it’s quick and it’s free, the downside is that you’ll have to include the authors resource box at the bottom. A resource box is just a small box saying who the author is, what he does, and usually his website address as well. More often than not, the benefits far exceed the drawbacks, providing you select a good article to put on your page. No-one wants to read rubbish articles. Which brings me to my next point.

No new content, is better than rubbish content. If you can consistently produce high quality content for your blog, and you miss a few days, then it’s no big deal. If the same is true, but instead of posting nothing for a few days, you try to fill the void with rubbish, people will notice and you will lose credibility. Remember it’s far better to have high quality work from someone else on your site, than rubbish that you wrote, or anyone wrote for that matter.

Hiring A Writer

I know this will not appeal to some people, but others who struggle to write consistently, high quality articles and content may have to use this option (Unless they want to use content from free article directories).
First of all, hiring a writer isn’t as expensive as you might think. Just head over to elance.com and you can sometimes find writers who will write original content for $5 a time. Normally they will want you to buy articles in lots of 10, as this is more efficient and worth while for them.

The advantage is that you get fresh content written for you very quickly, you don’t have to think about the writing part yourself, just the topics and you can claim that you wrote the articles. This means that you can publish your work on other people’s site and article databases (Even though technically it isn’t yours because you didn’t write it, but you own it). So you get all the credit without any of the hassle.

The disadvantage is that it costs $5 an article (Big deal). Be aware that some people may charge more than this, but you shouldn’t have much trouble finding people to write for $5 an article. Just post your project there and people can bid on it, or will contact you with their offer if they charge more.

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